Run-n-gun photography (what I learned)

Category : What I learned today Mar 19th, 2015


During today’s 40 minute shoot i did for Sykle til jobben i picked up a few nuggets of knowledge.

Firstly, gear only gets you so far. Todays image i could have taken with my first DSLR and a kit lens. Sharpness and all, I really feel like I was over equipped for this shoot. I even brough an assistant (Mats Abrahamsen) who’s main task was standing guard for all of said equipment and freezing his ass off.

Secondly, make sure to have an assistant when possible. Even though the fantastic Mats mostly spent his time trying to keep warm, just the shear fact that I didn’t have to watch over my gear ment I could focus on the task at hand.

Lastly, the product relies even more on the model then on your photography skills. I have until now not really needed to motivate the models much during shoots. But today there was som laking in motivation from the volunteers only after a few images. But after taking a few seconds brake to laugh at the photographers running skills things when’t way better.

Bonus tip:

Make sure to thank you assistant! They might feel that their role at times are fruitless, make sure they see otherwise! So thanks Mats.


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